Q for Quality

Let’s talk quality

The Oxford dictionary defines quality as: ‘General excellence of standard.’

But here at HQ we want to know what you associate with quality…is it a particular brand, the way something looks or feels or is it an all-round experience? At Geoffrey Kent Safari, we strongly believe that quality is synonymous with all of the above.

The products and services we provide our clients, from the moment we make contact, is meticulously planned to ensure we deliver quality down to the very last detail.

Let us take you through our quality checkpoints…

Sourcing the finest materials:

Our product is the result of extensive research, resulting in fine details synonymous with quality luxury. All materials are sourced from individual leather tanneries and manufacturers and are selected for their robust and unique finishes.

Our leathers and canvas materials, found in our new luggage collection, will age beautifully and the true quality will be in how elegantly it will stand the test of time…a timeless investment passed down for generations to come.


Choosing a manufacturing location & production:

Having a manufacturer in Monza, a town just outside of Milan, means we can make regular site visits to the production line. We like to have a very close relationship with our suppliers and get involved every step of the way.

Italian leather craftsmanship is famous the world over. There is such passion and detail put into each and every cut of leather and every stitch made by hand, this means that each product purchased is truly a one of a kind, a labour of love.

Local Global delivery:

Local fulfilment centres in France and the USA allow us to provide the best global delivery service. We are in daily contact with the teams that are trained to meticulously pack your orders in our own luxury packaging and who pass them on to the drivers, committed to delivering your goods on time and in perfect condition.

Personalised Customer service:

We want to let you know that we care and that we think of our relationship as not just a one-off interaction, but a long and fruitful partnership.  Every call, email and social media message is answered personally. We do not believe in chatbots or automated email, why would we when we love to talk and consider ourselves a rather friendly bunch of humans!

So get in touch…let us know what you think, your experiences, what product you would like to see in upcoming collections…the most important quality of a brand comes from knowing you, the client and we’d love to hear from you.


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