How does Geoffrey Kent make air travel an enjoyable experience? Find out in this interview….

Research makes for a happy trip!

Do your research about the airport & the country first, immigration can be a nightmare in some countries and can take forever. Look online at travel blogs and other people’s experiences as these could help you to prepare and avoid extra hassle.

Before you travel think about having to get through airport security. Personally, to make things easier, I wear smart comfortable clothing with loafers and preferably as few accessories as possible like a belt, watch etc.

” My inflight essentials on short haul are usually; 2x cell phones (a satellite phone depending on how remote I go)…”

Check that bag in!

Definitely check a bag in for the larger heavier items that you don’t want to carry.

  • There is nothing worse than dragging a heavy load. You should enjoy your travelling experience right from the moment you arrive at the airport.

Always take a sizable carry on relative to the airline you fly with.

  • After my many years of flying round the globe, through an abundance of different airports, I have finally been able to put my knowledge to good use and now this is all I use to carry my inflight essentials – my Geoffrey Kent Safari: lightweight duffle bag or weekender depending where I am going and what I need.

Don’t forget the book!

Long haul flight essentials are normally all of the above plus a good book – if you need something to read and you love travel stories take a look at my bestselling book published by Harper Collins. Safari: A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel pioneer.

  • I also travel with my newly designed GKS 100% silk eye mask and a set of GKS PJs. I know if you fly business or first you get them given to you, but my pyjamas are made of the highest quality Jersey cotton, they’re so snug!
  • An absolute must for me is to feel comfortable and is why I designed the perfect in flight sleeper sock that allows the circulation of blood to move freely. This is important on long-haul flights especially.

“Stay tuned to our blog for more top tips and adventures, at Geoffrey Kent Safari we aim to deliver you the spirit of adventure! Let us know what you want to hear about by commenting below…”


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