Northern Lights & Soul of the Arctic 

March 2018

Each item from the Geoffrey Kent Safari collection has been designed and produced with the ‘spirit of adventure.’

From his new collection, Geoffrey Kent personally handpicked items to enhance guests experience on their Northern Lights expedition into the wilderness of Finnish Lapland.

Each item handcrafted in Italy, blends quality, comfort and style, with modern, technical materials, all necessary items to blur the lines between travel and everyday attire.

Geoffrey Kent Joto Jacket

Ultra-lightweight jacket.

Made with 100% down for extra warmth, perfect for layering under another coat or to use on its own. A unique design allows it to roll up into a compact travel case to easily fit into your carry on luggage.

Geoffrey Kent Kavu Polo Shirt

Hydrophobic polo shirt.

Made with 100% organic cotton. This polo shirt is comfortable, breathable and repels all liquids!

Geoffrey Kent Safu Gilet

Waterproof Gilet.

Light and breathable but also cosy and warm. This gilet can be worn under or over a jacket for extra warmth and protection from cold and wet conditions.

Geoffrey Kent Toa Sleepwear


Made with the highest quality jersey cotton, offering ultimate comfort and a design that can be equally as stylish in bed or to lounge in as you relax by the fire.


Made from a blend of wool and cashmere, our luxury accessories are comfortable to wear and highly functional.

Geoffrey Kent Wimbi Gloves

Our gloves have ‘touch technology’, allowing you to use your phone without having to remove them.

Geoffrey Kent Salama Beanie

Protect against the cold in ultimate style and comfort with our seamless beanie and tube scarf.

Geoffrey Kent Tanga Socks

Warm feet make for an enjoyable experience. Layer up with our footless socks perfect for wearing inflight, on safari or in bed.

Geoffrey Kent Doto Eyemask

Our eye mask is the ultimate sleeping companion. Made from 100% silk and luxuriously soft to touch.


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